Artificial Grass Dubai

The use of artificial grass in Dubai is much easier because it is difficult to manage and maintain a huge land of ground while using natural grass. Due to its flexibility and natural look artificial grass is becoming more popular.  Artificial grass is made by fibers that use synthetic materials to gain a look like natural grass. It came into existence as a substitute for natural grass. Mostly it is used to make grassy sports fields such as soccer or hockey grounds etc. Maintenance is one of the major reasons for its fame. Additionally, it can bear heavy foot traffic as compared to natural grass without being spoiled. It does not require any trimming and irrigation. Artificial grass Dubai can be adjusted with natural grass on the places where it is difficult to grow natural grass. Now it is being used widely in indoors and outdoors areas as well.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial Grass

Grass carpet is now widely being used in commercial places. We have a variety of sizes and qualities that can be matched with your requirements. Commercial places include the sports grounds, exhibitions & hotels, etc in it.

Residential Grass

Grass Carpets Dubai is now offering an excellent collection of residential grass. We categorize this section into indoor grass, lawn grass, and grass carpet for gardens. You can find an amazing range of residential grass in our store.

Turf Fixing

Turf Fitting

Turf installation needs some expertise to accomplish the laying process. We have an experienced and professional team of turf fixer. Contact us now & get your place greeny as you want.


All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


Grass Carpets Dubai an industry leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices


We own a well-managed company regarding the efficiency and productivity of our work.


Groundwork is the base for artificial grass installation. We keep the best standards.


We always try our best to keep safety standards. Because we believe in “Safety First”

Clean & Tidy

A clean & tidy environment appeals more. So we always strive our best for this.

Our Offerings

Grass Carpets Dubai always strives to give the best quality products and services. Once you try our services and products, we guaranteed to make you our delighted ones. We make it easy to contact us, simply click on “Contact Us” if you are browsing from your cell phone or drop an E-Mail to request a free quote at [email protected]. Our dedicated team will respond to you quickly and in-kind professional manners. What are you waiting for? Let’s start a project now and get served by us.

Features of Artificial Grass

There are lots of amazing features for installing the artificial grass but we have listed a few salient ones below.

  • Among the foremost features with the installation of artificial grass is that it requires less maintenance as compared to original grass.
  • As for the artificial grass Dubai, it is made to feel like a carpet. This is achieved by having the yarns woven into an all-built base layer. The artificial grass fibers are really denser and thicker than the natural grass which means they will last much longer.
  • Unlike the natural grass, you won’t have to water, mow, or weed out the artificial grass. Best of all you don’t have to worry about the grass to need sunlight for proper growth and can lay it even indoors.
  • The best artificial grass Dubai is the one with thick and dense grass fibers. This type offers a splendid feeling of coziness under one’s foot. As for those who are budget-conscious but looking for quality items, they can choose our low-density artificial grass.
  • Your artificial grass will be a long-lasting as it is fade resistant.
  • This type of home accessory is easy to clean as you only need to water it lightly to clean off any mess or spillage.
  • The artificial grass Dubai is best for installing on the outside areas of the house like the decking area, balcony, and roof terraces.
  • Installation of artificial grass is really easy as one only needs to place it over the picket or concrete decking. If neither is the option, you can place the artificial grass even on the soil.

We at Grass Carpets Dubai offer the products for all kinds of different budgets and small areas such as a shaded corner of a garden or balconies.

Artificial Grass Structure

The structure of Artificial Grass includes different layers in it such as:

  • The Pile Fibers
  • Shock absorbing layer
  • Backing cloth
  • The supporting base

The quality of artificial grass depends upon its raw materials. Definitely higher quality of raw materials (above mentioned) provide long-lasting and smooth artificial grass Dubai.

Advantages of Artificial Grass over Natural Grass

At the Grass Carpets Dubai, we offer our customers with the product that gas the texture, feel, and design closer to the natural grass. The strength of this grass makes it excellent for children to play on, to be spread around the pools, and gardens which are often walked upon. Among the many reasons which make artificial grass a better option than natural grass is that it allows saving water. While a natural grass field requires lots of water in both morning & evening times, this one doesn’t. The only time you will be watering it is for cleaning any mess off of it. This makes our product of artificial grass Dubai to cut down on your maintenance efforts and water bill. One of the worst chores with a natural grass field is mowing it often. But with the artificial grass Dubai, you will never take your mower out of the shed as it does not require trimming. Plus, the synthetic grass is best for pets to play on and is also environment friendly.

The biggest issue of having a natural grass field is to pick out the weeds and other unwanted plant growths from it. Common examples of these unwanted plant growths are crab weed, black medic, dead nettle among many others. But with a synthetic grass field, you won’t have to worry about these weeds. Well, you might have to clean some weed from time to time but it won’t be closer to the amount grown on a natural grass field. The artificial grass fields do not require the use of pesticides to keep away the bugs or fertilizers to keep it vibrant. All in all, buying the artificial grass Dubai will help you save lots of cash from maintenance.

Use of Artificial Grass

Its use of indoor category involves Artificial Lawns, Landscaping, Children’s playground, Terraces, Balconies, and Hotel Interiors, etc. While outdoor category consists of Sports grounds (Golf, Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, etc.) Schools & Nurseries, Hotel Exteriors, Swimming Pools, Exhibitions, and Events, etc. Moreover, artificial grass is the environment and pet friendly.

Best Artificial Grass Supplier in Dubai

Grass Carpets Dubai is offering quality products across the UAE. Our products come in extensive variety regarding your budget and demand. At Grass Carpets Dubai you can easily find made to measure and custom carpets easily. As we have a team of professional carpet installers so we provide the best fixing services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu-Dhabi & Ajman as well. You can get artificial grass for your places in custom designs, heights, and sizes. We are offering the best competitive prices while delivering turf along with fixing. We serve our clients happy. That’s why our delighted customers claim us the best artificial grass supplier.

Client Testimonials

Female Testimonials

Shipping shipped next day after order – very impressive! Half put a couple back, and I was delighted with this. Thank you for the excellent service – we will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an artificial grass.

Kelly Smith

Male Testimonials

We really like the lawn! It was such a success and it meant the kids could play despite the weather and we didn’t have dirty marks to tackle. The installation team you contacted was very professional and carried out the installation very carefully.

Adam Bentley