Artificial Grass For Pets

Pet friendly artificial grass or artificial grass for pets offered by Grass Carpets Dubai. It is friendly and safe for your pets including dogs and others. Artificial grass provides a feel as like natural grass so pets can enjoy by themselves all around the year. It is quietly not toxic and have no harmful effects on your loving pets. There is no need to give proper pesticides to synthetic grass which can be harmful for pets. Artificial grass for pets is a great and perfect selection for lawns or place where your pets love to play. Moreover synthetic grass is durable and washable. Being washable it is easy to remove the stains of pets urine without any damage. It offers the feature by which you can easily remove the stains of urine drains.

Pets Grass Installation Services

Installing artificial grass is much easier to gain better environment with no worry. Because it is easy to handle and maintain artificial grass as compared to natural grass. Artificial Turf don’t demand any extra care of trimming watering. It has no problem even you allow many pets at the same time all around the day. As some of organizations permit their workers to spend time with their pets. But it will be difficult while there is no place specified for their pets. So Grass Carpets Dubai provides you the best solution for creating an amazing and synthetic grass for dogs pet in UAE. Pet friendly grass is useful over the pet resorts which are specially made for pets to run and play.

Grass Carpets Dubai have the capability to handle diverse demands of various commercial pet facilities. Contact us if you love your pets, increase safety and hygiene by  minimizing muddy paws. By using synthetic grass you can get the beautiful place which is suitable for you along with friendly for your pets.

Buy Pets Grass in Low Prices

Grass Carpets Dubai is now proudly offering an extensive range of artificial turf including fake grass for dogs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. We are one of leading artificial grass supplier in the Middle East. Our products are completely safe and non toxic. We ensure quality products with no health effects.  Grass Carpets Dubai offer best installation services of artificial grass for dogs in UAE as we have a professional team to accomplish your project. Our professionals will guide you thoroughly as per your space where you want to install Artificial Turf. Let’s start a project by contacting us now. To contact us simply click on showing Contact Us Button at the bottom of your cell phone or officially send us an E-Mail at [email protected].


All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


Grass Carpets Dubai an industry leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices


We own a well-managed company regarding the efficiency and productivity of our work.


Groundwork is the base for artificial grass installation. We keep the best standards.


We always try our best to keep safety standards. Because we believe in “Safety First”

Clean & Tidy

A clean & tidy environment appeals more. So we always strive our best for this.

Why to choose us?

Our synthetic grass contains high quality and soft touch which is best artificial grass for pets, thanks to our latest manufacturing technology. With over ten years of experience and countless satisfied clients, Outstanding Quality is not just our motto, but a promise we make to our customers happy.

Client Testimonials

Female Testimonials

Shipping shipped next day after order – very impressive! Half put a couple back, and I was delighted with this. Thank you for the excellent service – we will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an artificial grass.

Kelly Smith

Male Testimonials

We really like the lawn! It was such a success and it meant the kids could play despite the weather and we didn’t have dirty marks to tackle. The installation team you contacted was very professional and carried out the installation very carefully.

Adam Bentley